More than a decade ago I read an article in the Scientific American by Tim Berners Lee describing the Semantic Web. Ever since I have been in search of that seamless services integration and interfacing and that journey has led me down many interesting paths. While the actual technology behind the Semantic Web has changed significantly since then, the vision described in that article still inspires me. And when I see Siri, PaaS offerings like Azure, Heroku, etc. I can see glimpses of that vision turning slowly into reality.

I live with my family in Seattle, WA, USA. I run a SaaS and devops consulting company called I have spent the last decade working as a software developer and then as a program/product manager in the online services and cloud computing space. I love the art of programming. Creating a software product, seeing it come to life, and then being used by thousands of people everywhere is inspiring!

This blog is primarily about technology and its impact on society and business. Occasionally I’ll post something non-technology related, but that is rare.

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